Jazz Pranksters

by Boskorgï

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released November 29, 2019

Written and Produced by Boskorgï
Mixed by Antoine Bordeleau
Art Direction & Layout: Thomas B. Martin
Photography: Dominic Berthiaume

Organ on Maritimes: Alexis Dionne
Guitar solo on Délire Universel: Guillaume Chiasson
Additional Bass on 127: The End: Scott Munro
Prose on 127: The End: Kurt Vonnegut


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Boskorgï Montreal, Québec

Assembled around a Korg synthesizer, a Boss sampler and a mutual love for out-of-phase sounds, Thomas B. Martin and Antoine Bordeleau adopted the Boskorgï moniker. Their curious ears led them to develop a sound that is equal parts experimental hip-hop and modern funk with nods to japanese city pop, jazz and 90’s soul. Smooth, never tedious and with a tongue-in-cheek slant. ... more

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Track Name: Way of the Wizard feat. Jei Bandit
I pulled up intact
At peace with no pieces to pick up
I feel how I feel there’s no tripping no hiccup
And that’s what it is mane the way of the Wizard
An alchemist ready to switch up the energies and get em
Yeah don’t you forget him yuh
I’ve been at it since I was a young in with rhythm yuh
And I just never felt like I could dig em
But it’s all good cuz they never got the vision yuh
And I was always on my thing with mad precision yeah
They always told me I would never get to grow to be the best at this game
Investing in fame, a passionless fling, their path has been tainted
Their path has been smeared
Their path aim a thing to the path of a king
They never really know what’s happening here
The opps just always felt like they could just judge it up like we’d walk it off
I always told em nah look you niggas just better knock it off
Stop it all
Plot it all inside of this noggin
And I will never give them power at all
I’m bashin em all yeah
I’m passionate, raw
Not passive at all
Yeah yeah
Track Name: Speakeasy feat. Ariane Moffatt
Je lis jamais les commentaires
Je me nourris des joies de la chair
Pendant que s'embrase la terre
Je speak easy
A l'extérieur des frontières
Je choisis les tons de gris
Y’a déjà bien assez de guerres
Au fond de nos petits esprits

Let's keep it easy
Easy on yourself
Easy on everyone else

Easy on you , easy on me ...

Sometimes I just leave my brain on the shelf
Pis j'essaie même pas de retourner mes appels
Je speak easy
With no worries

Cachée dans la pénombre au fond du bar
État second mais pas état de désespoir
Je drink easy
Low key

C'est ça , c'est ça je m'occupe de mes affaires
Y a déjà trop de feedback dans l'univers
On est p’t'être beaucoup mais on est juste de la matière
Faque j'm’assois ben confo dans le siège d'en arrière

Et je speak easy
Easy… yeahhhh

Meet me
Meet me at the speakeasy
Meet me
Meet me at the speakeasy
Track Name: Jazz Pranksters feat. Hubert Lenoir
Hit it hit it hit it hit it
Mama won’t you let me dig it
Go to record stores
Lemme prank them with my jazzy side
But I got nothing less so gonna get in elevators
Gonna sing it gonna hear it gonna go down all the way tonight

Stoop down
Jazz and elevators
Shit dreams
Heats up I surely gotta let it cool down
Jazz and elevators
Stoop down
Stoop down

Roll it roll it roll it roll it roll it roll it roll it roll it
Rolling round the city like a motherfucking rubber ball
Counting on the 5/4 hip kids on the back door
Word to all the hip kids who can play a major 7th chord

Big dollars on your keyboards
Now put your fingers like this yeah yeah just like that
There you go
Roland JC-120 plug it in real quick now you’re fooling everybody

Stoop down
Jazz and elevators
Shit dreams
Heats up I surely gotta let it cool down
Jazz and elevators
Stoop down
Stoop dow
Track Name: I’ve Been Singing feat. Léonie Gray
Sun down, you rise up like water through my fingers
Sore heart needs more time for healing
Is it still summer
Washing out the weight on my shoulder
Like a prude in a church
I’ve been singing
Track Name: Might’ve Worked (ofcoursenot) feat. Léonie Gray
Left me on my appetite
You feel so good it’s a crime
I’m bored or blowing my mind

Was it too good to be true
Or just too soon to see through
I always intensify
What’s inside

You got me drowning overboard
In a sea of affections
I only see what’s affecting your actions

Was it too good to be true
Or just to soon to see through
I always intensify
What’s inside

Cried again
Tried again
Go on try again
I’ll grant you another chance

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